Time bank principles

Time bank is a platform available to all interested users who can and want to work, help others and cooperate with each other. It enables the mutual exchange of hours, knowledge and skills, with transactions based on time and not money, where one hour of the Time Bank is equal to one hour of work for each user.

The user does not have to directly repay the time bank user who did him a favor, but to the time bank user who needs his knowledge and skills.

The time bank combines the advantage of modern technology with the principles of communal living and a good exchange economy.

Time Bank Principles

Value: We are all valuable and have something to offer the community
Reciprocity: We all help each other
Networking: It is important to develop trust between people and build networks of mutual support, which are a prerequisite for a healthy society and individual
Respect: Mutual respect means respecting other people’s freedoms, choices and accepting differences
Redefining work: Human work should be valued and rewarded, because it contributes to improving interpersonal relationships, building sustainable communities, strengthening social justice and sustainable development.

The time bank system should exclusively refer to a unit of time in equal value of work, regardless of who offers what kind of service. We believe that each individual’s time is equally valuable regardless of what they do, but that work should be creative and purposeful.


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