Operating the System

Users can earn, for example, 3 hours by sharing their knowledge, which they can then exchange with another user for foreign language, design, or programming lessons. This is a great way to save money you would otherwise spend on tasks. So take advantage of this opportunity to learn and save simultaneously!


The time bank combines modern technology’s advantage with simple life principles and a good exchange economy. By creating this platform that promotes and enables the exchange of hours, registered users (individuals, associations, public sector, and economy) connect with other interested users and exchange their knowledge and skills.


OPENS Time Bank functions as a platform where young people and all people of goodwill are informed about how they can be more proactive, that is, to help themselves and society and cooperate. In addition, we have provided an option for the so-called expert volunteering to make prominent personalities in a specific field available to you.


Associations and organizations that supported the Time Bank